Termites cause an estimated one billion dollars a year damage to timber in structures in Australia. Source: Archicentre

Simple fact is we live & build in their back yard. A termite colony’s need for food (cellulose based) and moisture is insatiable. They randomly forage in the top sections of soil (mainly the first 300mm) until they basically bump into structures. Dead decaying timber releases CO2, which can attract, but our problem is they keep foraging until something stops them – our buildings.

Did you know

  1. A termite queen can live for up to 50 years.
  2. A termite colony can vary in size up to 2-5 million termites.
  3. A termite colony can forage up to 150 metres from the nest.
  4. Termites work all year round. Their metabolism slows in the colder months, which slows movement and eating patterns. Source: CSIRO
  5. Termites are basically blind/light sensitive, hence why they will eat the inside of timber leaving a thin outer shell which may look sound until it gives way.
  6. Termites live in very high humidity which like point 5 above, is why they conceal themselves inside structures.

The termite colony is a social structure consisting of:

  • A queen,
  • Soldiers
  • Workers
  • and Reproductives

Termites have survived for millions of years and we must be vigilant in building them out of our man made structures.

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