Why does TermShield work?

TermShield is integrated into the structure around service pipes coming through the slab and in the cavity walls, where the meeting of slabs, footing and walls at ground level provide access for termites.

Is stainless steel mesh proven?

Yes, stainless mesh has been protecting Australian structures for over 20 years. In fact, hundreds of thousands of homes are protected. The Australian Standards in the building code of Australia recognise this protection measures as does Codemark and TermShield complies with both.

Is the system expensive?

No, TermShield compared to many pesticide products is not only cost effective at installation, but requires no ongoing pesticide re-treatments.

Is TermShield failure proof?

Let’s be clear here… nothing but nothing, is failure proof. Man made structures, Mother Nature at her most efficient, means there is a risk with any type of termite system. However, so confident are we in the integrity of the TermShield system, we have the industry first and leading 60 year diamond warranty!

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